What kind of listing should I have?

1) Open Listing also known as Multi Listing


  • More commission for the selling agent, which does not affect the vendor.


  • Security (If you are handing out keys to your property)
  • Agents give less attention
  • Multiple signage – makes the vendor look desperate
  • Top agents will not list

It’s a myth that the more agents you have, the more buyers! All agents have the same buyers.

2) FSBO – For Sale by Owner


  • No agent commission fees


  • Likely to get less money
  • Less inspections
  • Lack of negotiating skill

3) Exclusive Listing


  • Likely to get more for the sale
  • Quicker sale
  • Dealing with one agent rather than four
  • More attention


  • Locked into an agreement with one agent who may not be working very well

If you opt for an exclusive listing, make sure that the agent is prepared to conjunct with other agencies. Any agent that is not prepared to conjunct with outside agencies is not working in your best interest.

It is important for you to do your research when selecting an agent. If you are not happy with your agent and want to terminate your agreement, you should put your request in writing to the office principal. If an agent has not fulfilled their duties you have every right to terminate.

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