Marketing Your Property


Getting your property exposed to the world will help it sell quicker and for a better price! Over 33.7% of all computer users in Jamaica are potential property buyers/sellers. Buyers are still using the newspaper as a source of finding a property to buy, but you need to be in both!

Consider professional photography. It makes your property look much more attractive and will help get more buyers through the door. Remember, it’s a numbers game.

Kick off your Jamaican property selling campaign with an open house on the weekend. Open houses give potential buyers the opportunity to come by and look at your property inside and out. Remember that the open day is ‘show day’ and good presentation will pay off.

Most buyers will look at your property on the Internet before coming to an open house to see what it really looks like. Smart internet marketing is very effective and in-expensive. To get the best result with marketing you need excellent presentation, impressive photography and a competitive pricing structure.

Real Estate Hints and Tips


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