Freshen Up the Inside of your Property


Information courtesy of RE/MAX Residential Sales Agent Alex Jordan

Home buyers are attracted to clean, spacious and attractive houses - on the inside and outside. Getting the potential buyer into the front door is the first step. Once the buyer is satisfied with the outside appearance, they need to be impressed with the interior. A crisp, clean, fresh and inviting feel is essential to achieving a premium price. Below is a brief list of ideas to improve the inside of your home:






  • Clean the carpets and polish the floors
  • Wash inside windows and mirrors
  • Clean and polish all appliances
  • Make the beds and fluff the pillows
  • Remove as much clutter as possible and store it neatly in a closet or garage
  • Repaint or touch up any walls that are scratched or banged up
  • Rearrange closet and storage areas to reduce the number of items and/or clutter
  • Open the curtains and windows and turn on the lights, it’s show time!
  • Turn on the bedside lamps during buyer appointments and open houses.

Bring more warmth to your home with colourful bedspreads and cushions. Sweep the carpets and light a few candles to improve the smell of the home. If you are having ‘open homes’ a bowl of colourful fruit, a vase of fresh flowers and a little background music can make a real difference (at little cost).

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