Enhance the street appeal of your home


Information courtesy of RE/MAX Residential Sales Agent Alex Jordan

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Attract buyers by performing simple cosmetic steps such as:

  • Cut the grass and rake the leaves
  • Remove tree limbs and debris from the yard
  • Plant extra flowers for more colour
  • Spruce up landscaping with potted flowers and quality mulch
  • Repair fences and touch-up with paint or stain
  • Cut back trees on southern side to let in the winter sun
  • Repaint or replace mailbox
  • Clean front door, wash down and remove any mildew
  • Remove any clutter from the front and back porch
  • Paint window trim and shutters, if outdated
  • Wash window panes and replace any cracked elements
  • Garden lights work really well (leave them on at night for buyers driving past)

As the potential buyer arrives at your property, they will notice little things such as your fence, front lawn, bent gutters, missing house numbers, and poorly lit entry way. Each of these items can be improved within a few minutes and will increase the selling price of your property. If the potential buyer is not satisfied with the outside appearance of your property, there is a good chance that they will not want to see the inside!

Investment Properties

If the property you are selling is a tenanted investment property then these tips may be more difficult to implement. The best idea is to get your agent to talk to the tenants about making the property more presentable. It's important that your agent has a good relationship with your tenants.

Real Estate Hints and Tips


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