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Advertising Specifications

Ad Sizes & Submission Guidelines


Small Button: 120px wide x 60px high (6k max)
An economical choice.


Cube Button: 120px wide x 90px high (10k max)
These images may include your company or organization's logo or other graphic. The ad will appear next to your link on our website. The purpose of the ad is to draw attention to your information and encourage the viewer to seek more information about products and services you offer.


Mini Skyscraper: 120px wide x 240px high (25k max)
Maximum impact with room for more graphics and text. Guaranteed display on page of your choice* (conditions apply).



Full Skyscraper: 160px wide x 600px high (25k max)
Maximum impact with room for more graphics and text. Guaranteed display on page of your choice* (conditions apply).


Full Banner: 468px wide x 60px high (30k max)
Full banners offer premier display for the advertiser’s message as they are positioned at the top and bottom of most pages and are a great vehicle for creating brand awareness.

Banner 300 px wide  x 250 px height

Banner  Width 300 px  Height : 99 Px



File Formats:

File types accepted include (but are not limited to) JPEG, or GIF formats files at 72 ppi (pixels per inch). Animated GIF ads are accepted in the GIF 89a format with a maximum of 3 rotations. We do not accept MAP files at this time. does not accept popup or popunder ads at this time. Animation on rollover after the initial animation is allowed as long as the animation stops as soon as the user rolls off the ad.

About Rich Media:

Flash and Third Party Served ads are subject to review. Any ads that incorporate Java, Shockwave, Future Splash, video, sound, or any other multimedia format other than GIF 89a animation are also subject to review. Extreme or distracting animation will not be accepted. Please use Click-Tag method on Flash ads to be sure ad is clickable. Flash ads can have an initial download of 30 KB or less and may include up to 4 additional download streams (of less than 100 KB) per click.

Additional requirements:

Flash ads should be submitted as both .SWF & .FLA, accompanied by any support files, (i.e. fonts).

Note that all banner ads must include a web address for the site that the banner will link to. Please include click-thru URL information for all banners.

Please submit up to 25 words describing your product or service along with a URL link.


All ads have the full run-of-site. This means that your ad may be displayed on any of the pages on on which ads are displayed.


Most full banner and half banner ads are placed directly below the page title header (excluding intro page) and are directly visible without scrolling at a screen resolution of 800x600). Others may be placed within the page with content displayed above and/or below them or at the bottom of the page.

Small button, cube button and skyscraper ads are usually located vertically to the right.

Submission Deadlines:

Your ad can be uploaded using the ad submission form. Your ad may also be submitted by email. Send ad files and accompanying information to

Emailed GIF or JPEG ads must be submitted at least 3 business days before your intended campaign start date. Rich Media ads must be submitted at least 4 business days before campaign start date to allow for testing.

For any advertising inquiries, please email us at We look forward to doing business with you.
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