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Investment Property

When is a Property an Investment Property? With regard to Jamaica real estate, with all its ups and downs and a fluctuating dollar in the mix, buying an investment property can still be a money-making venture if your plan is … Continue reading

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Affordable Real Estate? Affordable Living? Is there such a thing?

Downsizing, cutting corners, call it what you will but, every year after the dreaded Annual Budget, we all try and find ways of ‘affordable living’. One thing remains constant; when it comes to Jamaica real estate (like most Caribbean property) … Continue reading

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Purchasing Jamaica Real Estate from Afar…

There must be something about this country Jamaica, because it still attracts holiday homes for the rich and famous with the likes of supermodel Naomi Campbell; actress Jane Seymour, rock star Keith Richards and couture designer, Ralph Lauren being amongst … Continue reading

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Gated Communities

COMMUNITY LIVING IN JAMAICA What exactly does that title mean –  ‘community living’?  In Jamaica today, community living is just another catch phrase for being resident within a ‘gated community’.  Gated communities are thriving, not only in Kingston but throughout … Continue reading

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Jamaican Property Today

IT’S A BUYER’S MARKET! Current Trends In 2010 Jamaica’s National Land Agency reported that $43.5 billion in Jamaica real estate sales were realised.  Realtors determined that the increase in cash sales was mainly due to many Jamaicans taking advantage of … Continue reading

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First Steps – What you need to know

With the right team on your side, buying or selling real estate in Jamaica can be a much smoother experience than you might think.  It is important to choose your team carefully so that you know that your interests are … Continue reading

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Buying Property in Jamaica – An Investment Guide

By Colin Scott Most times, investors are not aware that the buying property in Jamaica is not as simple as buying some new furniture or motor vehicle.It is a complex matter and could take an individual a long time to finalize … Continue reading

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