Homage to Real Estate Agents in Jamaica

Three years ago I decided to take the Real Estate Sales Person course offered at the University of Technology.  I’ve always had a knack for sales and figured…how hard could it be?  This, along with the fact, that so many established agents seemed to be making a great living…I set my sights on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I signed up for the course, paid the fee, bought a pencil case for my pens and markers etc…, bought binders and notebooks…I was ready to go to school.  I got to class early, found a seat up front….I needed to hear every word and in a class of about sixty students I needed to be extremely attentive.  I realized on the first day that this was not going to be a “walk in the park” as I had previously thought.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of reading we had to do, construction technology, law, physical planning, marketing, map reading, valuation etc..etc.   Listening to the other students I knew that I was not the smartest person in class…but I was smart enough to figure out who was the smartest person in class.  I moved my seat next to his and made him my best friend for the duration of the course.  We studied together, debated, discussed, reasoned…and when I didn’t understand some point of another….he “dumbed it down” for me…all the way down until I got it.  Thanks to him, I passed, framed my certificate, joined the Broker of my choice and was ready to go.    Here is where the “homage” to agents comes in.   Selling real estate is really, really hard.   You will spend days, weeks and maybe months with a client…searching for and then trekking from property to property, numerous phone calls, driving up and down only to have the deal fall through in spite of your efforts.  The competition out there is very stiff.  There are a lot of agents vying for a piece of a very small pie…and some agents are more cut-throat that others.  Haggling over a client is not unheard of.  The agents that make it are the ones willing to put in the really hard work. Seven days a week…twenty-four hours if necessary….and they know their stuff.  They stay educated on new laws that may arise in the real estate industry.  They recognize that knowledge is power and their reward is often that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  They focus on their clients; network both locally and with the Jamaican Diasporas and constantly keep themselves updated with new properties being built in Jamaica. The really good agents know how to suss out legitimate prospects so as to maximize their time and effort and they let no opportunity pass their way.   So, the moral of this is….even though I cannot classify myself as one of these, I do not grudge these extremely hard-working agents their pot of gold, they’ve certainly earned it.


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  1. Donald says:

    LOL, I’ve taken that course. It’s hell.

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