Affordable Real Estate? Affordable Living? Is there such a thing?

Downsizing, cutting corners, call it what you will but, every year after the dreaded Annual Budget, we all try and find ways of ‘affordable living’.

Reach Falls – Jamaica

One thing remains constant; when it comes to Jamaica real estate (like most Caribbean property) it holds its value and if you can hang onto it, do!  This is true even in the hardest of times and despite occasional political unrest together with a fairly constant high crime rate, simply because Jamaica is such a beautiful land with an idyllic climate. The tourism industry, through it all, not only stays afloat but keeps relatively strong.  So if you’re trying your utmost to survive; struggling to keep your head above water – don’t sell that gorgeous property – yet!   Jamaica real estate will continue to increase in value and be sought after for years to come, especially as waterfront and island homes are becoming harder to find.

With all the gloom, doom and worldwide recession, Jamaica has still managed to make tremendous strides in creating an environment conducive to enterprise development and as such, has maintained a strong international profile so, the secret is out, Jamaica is a destination for trade and investment in all sectors and some of the world’s leading companies have made Jamaica their home.  This all bodes well for those who have invested in local properties and real estate.  Hang on to your land – it can only appreciate.

Now, away and apart from Jamaica real estate, we think there is indeed such a thing as affordable living on a day to day basis and we base such a claim on the following facts.  Take your average Jamaican box lunch, still remarkably cheap especially if you convert it into US$ or sterling.  The ubiquitous box lunch is going, on average, for about US$4.00 or £2.70p!!  And, the Jamaican box lunch is a life saver: good Jamaican cooking and extremely filling.  When our local vegetables are in season, they are a steal – literally!  Local lettuce is going for J$50 to J$60 for 2 nice ‘heads’ in a pack as one example and, we can all still find and head off to a free beach on a sunny day; all we need is our bus fare/gas money and enough for a, you’ve guessed it, box lunch!  And then a day out in magnificent Hope Gardens is still entirely free!  Let us not forget a good friend somewhere cooking a huge pot of ‘Saturday soup’ which is invariably delicious and is accompanied by plenty of lively debate thrown in, on the verandah, of course.

Beyond the image of a tropical paradise, the country’s people have a solid reputation as innovators (especially when “money tight”) and trend setters. Jamaicans are ordinary folk who often rise to great heights; their vibrant energy and indomitable spirit set them up for achievement in all spheres of life, be it culture,  commerce,  politics,  public service and last, but by no means least, sport.

So, whether its real estate or living life, Jamaica, still great value for money!

Food, still cheap…   


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